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Ending the travelling exhibition titled “From River Source to Sea: Vestiges of Champa Culture in the Quang Region” to the venues in the region of Quang Nam, and exhibiting continuously to other venues in the region of Da Nang City
Friday, 08/05/2015 - 09:59 PM
The exhibition to three venues - Lady Thu Bon mausoleum, Lady Phuong Chao mausoleum and My Son village during the time from March 30th to May, 2nd 2015 had received the supports from the local communities and authorities, also left ...
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In the cultural cooperation program between Viet Nam and India, on the morning of April 16th, 2015, Indian experts, included Dr. Rakesh Tewari – Director General of The Archeological Survey of India, Mr. Janhwij Sharma – Director of Conservation of ...

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Saturday, 19/01/2013 - 07:33 AM
Today to visit My Son, beside the ruined towers over time, the sculptures, the stone architectural elements are defenseless liver exam in the month, what's left on the buildings do notmade from tourists by surprise.
     Today to visit My Son, beside the ruined towers over time, the sculptures, the stone architectural elements are defenseless liver exam in the month, what's left on the buildings do notmade from tourists by surprise.Although not intact but the towers remain stably exist on thousands of years liver the same minnows moon, challenges to time, bright red seductive warmth. Most of the architecture in My Son were built of brick material, thousands of small size blocks are linked together to create the shape. While large scale tower, feeling unstable rock material, but each tower is well up close beauty, warmth of earth and fire make up, combined with hand sculpture talented artists create should each architecture as a work of art. The small brick building put here, carved to create shapes harmonious, graceful, rhythmic balance evoke gently floating in a quiet space.

Tip of the tower
     Previous exposure of these structures, the researchers have praised the care workers is "Master the art of architecture", they have sculpted tiles, C1 tower creates architectural works expression, a beautiful peak of the art of brick building in Southeast Asia. Today when exposed brick building was built, the building blocks of consecutive close together as a unified block, not see link grout, brick block architecture as a red giant in the afternoon sun makes no few people wondered construction techniques of the ancient Cham people how to achieve the level of such great work? A century of research on construction techniques Champa towers so far there are many theories about construction techniques as follows:
- First, some scholars argue that the Cham towers were built of brick and wood, grinding monolithic put together to create architectural shape, then the quality of wood burnt the whole tower "... Cham towers of brick rustic and then a huge stack of firewood into the fire to heat ". The latter based on the folk legend Cham, comments regarding the resurrection of the process of creating the Cham towers as "Cham towers built conducted in two stages: Build inner layer (core layer) and the outer layer (skin). Reinforced brick layer wood, ash clay binder, in accordance with the ratio 1/1. Wet outer layer of rustic brick, every day building 4 - 5 layers, building up l, 5m quality firewood around then they stand on the wood grade continue to build until the tower is finished, they finally fire red terracotta tower. This idea continues to be confirmed in the course of experimental tower "was built of baked bricks and wood before after" in accordance with the material handed down to that "How to build and baked towers of the Champa people are required to build from bottom-up and kilns from top down ... Build the tower to where the land is filled with both internal and external to, the horizontal walls are built, pressed tightly to soil firmly to the tower until the tower was built to reach the top ..., so a few days to dry tile , the accretion of land at the top of the tower, nature dry tree around burnt up to the top of the tower burning red ripe. When the top of the tower are heated and then the people, by land next to the towers burning fire below. Specifically, it fires partially baked slowly to the foot of the tower ... "

- Most of the research suggests that opinion, Champa tower was built from terracotta tile materials available, then choose the tiles in the process of building the tower. Opinions are divided into two groups. A group for that "Cham Tower in addition to the use of bricks available, use an adhesive clay, then baked again to complete the tower." One group said that the tower was built of bricks available, selected, reinforced grinding carefully before building. Building rating grinding technique used vegetable oil binder that is highly linked, that's why the grinding bricks placed immediately - fit together as a whole do not see grout. This construction technique has high durability (by brick available), just a solid block alignment, thus highly sustainable tower, spread over thousands of years, rain or shine still, nearly five months. This idea so far been recognized by many researchers by the empirical research shows that between the bricks usually have a thin mortar attached to the bricks together. Analysis of the chemical composition of this thin layer of mortar that is the layer of vegetable oil, oil resin can be sprayed, there is swimming tree oil, or cell sap. Some architectural building dating later that this plaster is Cactus sap mixed with molasses form. So far the reviews on Champa tower construction techniques not yet have a unified voice, this is understandable, because the architecture is still a far away distance. Architecture earliest presence in the VII century - VIII; latest architecture was built in the seventeenth century (tower PoRome - 1625), separated by a thousand years of history. A millennium slowly passed the technical construction of the tower also had to adapt to the technical development of each era. Besides the Cham towers built on different areas, the use of local materials for the construction of tower is inevitable.

Elephant - Relief B5
     Therefore mortar can link the resin Oil Rai, swimming, or O is understandable. But achieving high technical and artistic level in a brick sculpture common voice regularly xuốt in the process of building the tower. To do this in addition to refined workmanship talent of the workers, of the nature of the material. Cham Ceramic heating rate is not high, but enough durability, compressive strength to meet the sustainability requirements of the facility. Fine brick structure, fine sandy or plant residue highly hygroscopic, facilitate the carvings. Cham brick features fine mist, when hygroscopic soft easy chisel touch, when dried solid return to the initial stiffness, thus the carving made easy patterns show sharp , lines as opaque soft touch of wood. For a Cham tower has been carved out as a work of art, we must first speak to the beauty of architectural shapes. Before carved decoration, architectural block was built at a rate of harmony, balance, rhythm, creating a base for the sculpture. In order to have a solid background, construction techniques play a crucial role. The carefully selected bricks, old brick, color similarity, before construction grinding angles square. When built and put the bricks are attached by thin layer resin bonding, building the machinery together to create a solid block. Building blocks per unit is calculated correctly, linked closely together to create complete harmony. Carvings stage last carried out on each of the architecture department. Architecture in a tower block structure usually three parts: the base of the tower, the tower and the roof itself, separated distinguish each part is a ridges protruding parts. The rate harmonic blocks, solid tower base, high relative to health, body systems, doors, doors, decorative false. The simulation often layered roof miniature tower body top. With many parts of the block, the proportion of different techniques to mount the tiles reach the level of the tower like a giant brick block, instant fit for the talents of the builders here peaked the art of construction. From the technical background of the building they carved directly onto the tiles with a variety of subjects showing different patterns. My Son in most of the towers are built to comply with traditional construction techniques, the tower was built mostly from materials brick architecture create shape. The brick building rating consecutive grinding solid fit, spent five months so far, this building technique still hidden, how many secrets to be discovered and is always a question for the tourists to visit this heritage.
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